Friday, March 19, 2010

Well Read: Little House on the Prairie series

Two posts in one day - I'm as shocked as you are! To follow on my initial Well Read post, I thought I should probably share what we are actually reading right now!

As a little girl, I loved the Little House on the Prairie series. I probably read it once a year. I've always been drawn to period books - the descriptions of their dresses (who doesn't love those huge skirts?), how they created a life for themselves, all of it resonated with me. When I was home on maternity leave, I grabbed my copies of the Little House series from my parents home so I could re-read them read them to Kendall.

At least once I week, I get to do the bedtime routine on my own while JD in in class, sometimes twice if he has a late softball game. Those are the nights Kendall and I settle down into the chair in her room and I read the Little House series books to her. We've only made it through Little House in the Big Woods and now we're on Little House on the Prairie. I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying it more than Kendall, but more than once when I thought she'd fallen asleep on my shoulder, I've looked down to see her big eyes looking back at me, seemingly enthralled with the story.

I can't wait to introduce her to all of my favorite chapter books, along with picture books!

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LeeAnn said...

So sweet! I love your bedtime routine.

I am also glad that you're posting more! :-)